Hemerocallis - daylilies


I like daylilies. Species and varieties, flowers and plants overall. I like that each flower blooms only for one day - this has its own meaning for me, its own philosophy. I also like that daylilies are a relatively simple and interesting plant for hybridization.



I started doing the first hybridizations back in 2001, when my collection included Hemerocallis citrina and several diploid varieties that could be found in our region. Some of my varieties are descendants of the first hybrids.



I don't have the opportunity to dedicate a lot of time to daylily hybridization, it's rather a very important hobby for me. Despite this, I try to be serious about the quality of the seedlings I choose to register. It should be not only interesting flowers but also strong plants - I grow my seedlings outdoors in natural conditions in the Czech Republic in Eastern Europe.



Since 2018, I have been sending my cultivars for quality evaluation in three evaluation gardens in Germany and Poland. This project is being carried out by Gesellschaft der Studenfreunde e.V. (Germany). So far, all 4 cultivars that I have submitted have been evaluated successfully. 6 cultivars are in the evaluation process. I will continue to submit my cultivars for evaluation if possible.